Mathematical principles in the game of poker

A lot of people would have you believe that the game of poker is all based on chance. And there are many people that get into the shark tank that is the game of poker with this opinion. They are the pray of the more experienced players that know the game better. The truth is that the element of luck does play a part in poker – this is why even the worst player in the world could win big pots if he or she is lucky enough.

But the other part of the equation is that luck in poker can only bring you revenues and winnings in the short term. In the long term the mathematical and psychological principles come into play.

Should you know math to play poker?

Well, a basic knowledge of math will sure come in handy in your poker games. After all, poker is a game of probability – there are certain odds that you will get a certain hand, and the same is the case for your opponent. If you know the proper way to deal with the mathematical aspects of poker, then you will be able to hone in on your exact odds of winning a certain hand, in the form of percentages. So, to put it simply, while it won’t be a wise choice for you to invest your money in a hand where you have 20% chance to win and your opponent 80% – it would be really smart for you to try and win the hand if the case is vice versa. Of course, this neglects the psychological principles of the game – you can be certain and absolutely right that you have 0% chance of winning a hand, but if you can bluff things out right then you may fool your opponent into throwing up his winning hand, and you will win.

So, it’s not all about mathematics, as it’s also about psychological principles as well. And when you add in the luck that you will need to have (as in certain cases you may lose a hand when you have had 99% chance of winning), you get the art and science of poker. It’s not a simple game for the people that don’t wish to invest effort in mastering it. Of course, you can play poker for fun with your buddies, and you won’t have to delve into the deep mathematical and psychological aspects of the game. But if you plan on turning pro, then you will have to do this.

poker 2018

Playing poker online 2018

There are many websites where you can play poker if you want to invest some money as deposits. You can find these websites easily. And while the entire experience is a bit dimmed down when you compare it to the real life casino poker games, you can still have a lot of fun and put the mathematical principles of poker into practice in the world of the online casinos. Have fun and try to make some money!

Special symbols at slot games

If you have ever played the slot games, then you know by now what the deal is all about. You know that you need to put in some money into the machine or account at the online casinos where you play, and then spin the wheel in order to get the machine to do its job. As simple as that. And you can immediately get access to a list of the symbols of the game, and what do they mean.

Different games have different symbols typically, in the sense that some games will have fruits, some games will have rock stars, some games will have superheroes – if you can think of anything, then chances are that it’s a symbol in a slot game somewhere. But in many of the slot games, you will typically find two unique symbols. These are known as the scatter symbol, and the wild symbol.

Explaining the difference: wild symbols vs. scatter symbols

What do these two terms mean, scatter and wild? We’ll take the wild symbols first. Many slot game creators have created what’s now known as the wild symbol. Given time, it took on very high popularity among the gambling population, so it goes without saying that its use has spread around the rest of the slot games like fire. What’s it all about? Well, it’s simply – a wild symbol can take the place of any other symbol in order to make a combination winning. It can be used as whatever you need on a particular pay line in order to get paid.

Now, the scatter symbol is another animal altogether, even though the basic premise is the same – a few slot game designers have introduced the so-called scatter into a few of their games, and the popularity of this symbol spread like fire. The scatter symbol is typically one that will help you get to a bonus game. And this is why this symbol is so popular – if you can get to bonus games on a slot game then it means that you will get free spins where you are practically guaranteed to win some money. In a typical scenario, the more symbols you manage to hit, the bigger the bonus reward that you will get, coming in the form of free spins or something else. In any case, you’ll want to see more of this symbol in any given game where it’s present.

slot symbols wild scatter

Finding games in online casinos with scatter and wild symbols

So, what you need to be aware of is that most slot games nowadays feature the wild and scatter symbols, to make things fun for you. You can practically find any legit online casino and make an account there, and find some of the slot games in order to get a firsthand experience with the scatter symbols and the wild symbols. By now you know what they’re all about, so be sure to try and have some fun with playing games that feature these two important symbols.

100 % Free at Online-Casinos?

If you have never played on a casino online before; or if you are trying new casinos, you should definitely make sure to use FreeSpins. Freespins come in a variety of disguises; but those we talk about here are not the profit of a slot machine or extra spin that you get when you make a deposit. These are freespins that you get completely for free without even having to make your own deposit!


These freespins are a great opportunity to try out online casinos without any risk; as well as an opportunity to win money just as usual when playing for your own bet. If you look up all online casinos online next to their offers, it’s easy to see if anyone offers freespins, but as we told you earlier; said free spins are available in different variants and it’s not always that easy to understand.

Just sign up and you’re on your way

All you need to do is visit the casino, sign up for the first time (free), sign in and start playing. To see which casinos that off freespins without any wagering requirements, you often have to visit the casino for the first time to enable them. To see these (Free) FreeSpins the easiest way is to look at the homepage of said casino. This is something they often want to tell their new players, because its a great perk to get when you join.

How can it be 100% free?

There is a catch, obviously, all adults know that nothing is free so why would casinos give away free spin that you can earn money with. The answer is that they want to attract you to their casino.

Today, competition is stubborn and there are many casinos to choose from; which forces casinos to take on such drastic methods where they give away free money and (free) freespins to new players.

You get them as a new member of the casino just because the casino wants to showcase their casino; hoping you’ll like it and return when you feel like playing more. In addition, they save your email address so that in the future they can send you new, generous offers.

The Best Casino-Games Right Now!


NetEnt’s interpretation of this utopian paradise consists of an adorable beautiful valley, six harmonious spinning wheels and sumptuous winnings. The game is the second in the series of “Cluster Pays” whose first title, released in 2016 was called Aloha! In The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays (which is the full name of the slot machine), has hardly saved on the special features. In this paradise we find both free spins, re-spins and several other cool elements. Obviously, it’s high class, as it’s industries veteran NetEnt behind the slot. This is a well-balanced slot game with relatively long life expectancy; thanks to all the bonus features that keeps the excitement on top.



Just before the fall knocks on the door, in September 2017; the game developers at Yggdrasil released the wild and hot new video slot Jungle Books. As the name suggests, this exciting game of adventure plays among the famous characters Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera in India’s green and hot jungles – far from a rugged and dark autumn in Europe.

Although the boy, the jungle bear, the black panther, their friends and their enemies; are quite familiar to anyone who read or seen the classic stories in the “Jungle Book”; the layout and events of the game are very unique. Yggdrasil has not only launched a new slot – this is a brand new setup and a whole new gaming experience that you don’t want to miss!


It’s hardly the first or last time an online slot machine uses ancient Egypt to help put in the right atmosphere in the game. Most game makers have some casino games on the subject and Swedish Yggdrasil joined the crowd in August 2017. In Valley of the Gods, Yggdrasil uses two interacting and well-balanced bonus features, that allow next to endless game-rounds and huge maximum wins!


The one who ten years ago claimed that this thing: 🙂 would play the lead role in a movie, and become a casino game in the process; would most likely be laughed at. But as we know the future is not very easy to predict; so here we are with the Emojiplanet as both a feature-film and slot machine. Fortunately, the figures have developed in a furious pace, and there is currently an emoji for almost anything. In the Swedish NetEnt slot machine on the theme; we find a nice mix of these symbols and no less than five different bonus features.


Casina & Midaur – Two New Late Summer Casinos


At newly opened Casinia, you can get a substantial deposit bonus of up to 1500 Euro and a total of 275 free spins after deposit. This new casino site has a really wide range of games from, big players such as: NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, GameArt and Microgaming to name a few. In total, 13 players are invited to enjoy themselves and there are live casinos, castles and jackpot games – although the latter can be a bit difficult to find as they do not have their own category. 24-hour support is available. The team behind the site has done a good job and the natural colors provide a pleasant and relaxing environment that will launch you in a good mood.


There are two fixed offers for you to take part of in Casinia, one is a reload bonus that can give up to 200 Euro in bonus amount. The minimum bonus-based deposit is 20 Euro, and the turnover requirement for the amount is 35x. Some temporary promotions are not available at this time, but it is worthwhile to check for them in the future.

The second regular promotion is a weekend bonus that does not only give 50% in the match bonus on deposits made on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but also comes with 50 Free Spins. The minimum deposit to activate the bonus is 20 Euro, and at most the bonus can give 125 Euros in reward. Free Spins can be used on a slot selected for the week.


Midaur Casino was introduced in the summer of 2017 and offers a 100% match bonus of up to € 200 to all new players registering at the casino.

If you choose to start your trip at Midaur, you will receive a wonderful welcome from the casino; thanks to its welcome offer which can give up to € 2000 extra to play for. In addition, there is a wonderful cashback on all deposits you make. The casino overwhelms you with over 500 different game titles delivered by the market’s most popular developers such as NYX, NextGen and Niche ELK.

Smooth payment processes manage your transfers and secure your withdrawals. In addition to the usual VISA and Mastercard credit cards, players can use the e-wallets Zimpler and Neteller.
The casino is applied to all mobile devices. Do you own Android, iOS or a mobile does not matter? The casino is available regardless of which device you use. No download required.
Should you have any questions, please contact the support team through live chat and E-mail. Infinity Gaming Solutions Limited owns and operates Midaur Casino, whose license is issued by the Isle of Man Islands authorities.