ELK Studios

There are a handful of iGaming studios that have stormed the world of internet gambling. And many of them are to be found in the country of Sweden. Some of the giants in the field are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and many others. However, new companies still manage to spring up and get to the top. This happens every once in a while. It’s not easy for the new companies to reach the top as the iGaming industry has progressed tremendously. That being said, one of the most promising new companies is ELK Studios. If you want to learn what they are all about, then be sure to read this review.

History of ELK Studios

This company was founded relatively recently. The beginning is to be found in 2012 in the country of – you guessed it – Sweden. Ever since its creation, ELK started making iGaming games of the finest quality. Given the fact that this company has chosen to pick the underground route – it has an uneventful past. And the fact that it’s created only recently cements this notion. However, what they are truly good at is making games. Below you will find out some information about what the ELK games are all about.

The focus of ELK

Many gaming studios decide to not focus their efforts on a particular field. They decide to make games in all different fields instead. They make slots, table games, live games, mobile games, you name it. All you basically are looking for in new casinos 2019! It’s with this idea that they want to increase their odds of succeeding in the market. They provide wide coverage of many different kinds of games.

But the problem of this is that while the games have width – they don’t have depth. Which is why the iGaming industry needs studios that focus on the niche approach. And ELK Studios is one of them. They put their efforts solely on developing mobile gaming games.

And you will see that all of their games are compatible with many different models of mobile devices. They feature top-of-the-line HTML5 technology and this guarantees cross-platform support. Mobile gaming exploded in popularity recently. This was, in big part, due to the immense technological advances in the field of mobile devices and smartphones. New and more powerful models of smartphones started being produced by the top companies.

This made it possible to translate the iGaming sector from the laptops and desktops to the mobile devices. And ELK made the choice to enter this niche. So, almost all of their efforts are focused on mobile games. Today, some markets are almost only mobile customers and if we look at different African online casinos at https://africacasinos.com it is quite easy to see that their focus is on mobile users. This is one of the reasons why ELK is on the totally right track and we will probably see their games in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa within soon.

The most popular ELK games

elk studios online casinoThe fact of the matter is that ELK has picked the approach of quality over quantity. This means that this company doesn’t feature a lot of games that you can play. They feature a small number of games – currently 21 in total. However, this should not discourage you from trying these games out. We know that some of the top-tier studios have created even more than 600 games individually. But can you really expect that all of these games will be good? Again – there is width but the depth has taken a toll.

On the other hand, ELK has made 21 mobile gaming-centric games. We can confidently say that they are all of top quality. No matter what ELK game you will choose – you are almost guaranteed to have a blast while playing it.

For the sake of reference, we will mention some of the ELK games that you can play. They are Kaiju, Platooners, Birthday!, Lake’s Five, Taco Brothers, Hong Kong Tower, Bloopers and a few others. All of these games ooze a charm that you can’t expect to find anywhere else. Sure, the company focuses on mobile gaming and cross-platform compatibility. However, they pay deep attention to the core of the games. So, one of the most important things that ELK does is create high-quality games.

New features in ELK games

There are some nice new features that you can look forward to in the ELK games. You will be able to use the betting strategies feature. This means that you will be able to create a betting strategy based on certain rules. You can then proceed to turn it on or off. Also, there’s the Game On feature. If a player has placed 25 bets on an ELK game, then they will get some extra free spins.

There are three main strategies that you can use with the betting strategies feature. The first one is called “Jumper”. This strategy means that you can raise your bets up to 4 times every time you win a spin until you lose. The “Leveler” strategy means that you can increase your bet automatically after 5 consecutive losses. And if you lose five additional times, then the bet will get automatically increased again. The “Booster” strategy will help you automatically increase your bets while you lose spins. When you finally achieve a win – the bet will be reset.

And with time, we can only expect that there will be many new additional and exciting features. ELK Studios is steadily creating a name for itself. The new features are the most important and unique parts of their games.

In conclusion

There are many reasons as to why ELK Studios is a top-name in iGaming. While this studio hasn’t created a lot of games – all of their games are top-notch. So, if you decide to try any one of their 21 games, you will have a lot of fun. This company puts their attention on mobile device compatibility. This means that you will have a fantastic mobile experience with their games. And ELK Studios is all about creating high-quality games.

Their games ooze charm due to the technical proficiency of their makers and the addition of human touch. But we can write all day long about how good are the ELK games. What we suggest you do is try them out and see for yourself. We promise that you will have a great time while playing them.