October 2018 Offers

This year the amount of free spins has been more than ever. If you are a free spins lover just as we are you have come to the right place. Here we are listing all the most generous and competitive bonuses on the market. In the list below we will recommend a few casinos that had the best free spins offers in October 2018.


This amazing adventure casino site has been very active this month with many TV advertisements and much more. Check out this Casumo free spins ad in the UK. It is just one of many ads that have been shown this and earlier months. At Casumo you most of the times only get a bonus if you sign up at a new player but once in a while, you can also get a bonus as an existing player. Casumo is definitely one of the best casino sites so make sure to create an account here if you do not already go one.

october 2018 offers


While Casumo has Swedish designers and owners BGO is all UK. BGO has instead of amazing graphics and adventures focused on marketing with famous persons. Or what else can you say about mini-me from Austin Powers and Paris Hilton? Two persons that are a bit different from many others. We love different and weird so don’t get us wrong but it is a totally different approach to acquire players. It is fun to see that two casinos with two completely different strategies can both make it in this highly competitive market. We like BGO and if you already have an account at Casumo, check out BGO instead. Right now they have some insanely good free spins offers that you do not want to miss out.

What to look for in the next month?

There are many things to look for when looking for the best free spins bonus for UK players. One thing that we can really recommend is to look for other terminology of the word. For example, there are many casinos today that are naming this bonus things such as extra spins, bonus spins and other more or less creative ways. Make sure to know all the terminology to find the best options. In just a couple of week,s we will be back with the next blog post on how to optimize your spins! Be right back!