Asgardian Stones

NetEnt kicked off 2018 in style by releasing the new Asgardian Stones video slot machine for online casinos. It has a reputation for releasing some of the hottest and most coveted slot machine games in the industry an Asgardian Stones is no exception.

A Standard Theme Done Well

Though the Norse theme of the game is nothing unusual, NetEnt created a game that stands out from the rest. It may be a dark look at Norse mythology, but it is one that awakes excitement in players. It was done in a movie quality style that makes the experience feel as realistic as possible. This is obvious as soon as players launch the game, as an introductory video sets up its premise.

Norse Themed Symbols

The important symbols on the reels are all various Norse Goddesses and Gods, including Odin, Thor and Loki. However, the game’s wild symbol is simply represented by a blue letter “W.” The bonus symbol used in the game is a spinning wheel that can get players cash prizes or free spins. Other symbols seen on the reels include a king and a queen, both of whom are portrayed in a way that fits in perfectly with the theme of the game. They resemble the Asgardian temples’ ancient ruins.

asgardian stones slot review

Generous Bonus Features

With cascading reels, players have a lot more opportunities for winning money than they do in games that don’t offer this bonus feature. Anytime they get a winning combination of symbols, the symbols are then replaced by new ones, without the need to spin the reels again. This continues until a series of symbols doesn’t lead to a winning combination. In addition, multipliers are earned when cascading reels are successful.

The wheel of fortune, as the game’s bonus symbol, is three spaces large on the reels, making it the predominant symbol. When the wheel of fortune lands on the reels, which happens randomly, players will win either a cash prize or as many as 15 free spins. The number of free spins a player gets is dictated by how many rows on the reels the wheel occupies when it does land. Those that win a cash prize may get as much as five times the amount of the bet they placed on the spin that resulted in a cash prize being rewarded.

Final Thoughts

Asgardian Stones is meant to transport players to a medieval world. The game is based on principles that were extremely important at that time, such as victory and honour. In this way, it makes the game as much of an educational experience as a fun one. Players can learn more about medieval times and about the Norse gods and goddesses themselves.

NetEnt is not a company that takes gaming lightly. It pours passion and inspiration into each game released. As Asgardian Stones is not only compatible with computers, but also with mobile devices, a wide range of players around the world can have the pleasure of experiencing this game.