Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf Slot

Have you ever heard of the old children’s story called the three little pigs and the big bad wolf? Well, this is a classical story that’s being told to children all around the world, to this very day. Who would have thought that this game will be eventually turned into a slot game? Well indeed, such is the case; as slot game designing giant NetEnt has designed exactly such a game, and it goes under the same name. It’s a really good game, and if you wish to learn more information on this game; then you can proceed to read this article below.

big bad wolf bonus

The core of Big Bad Wolf slot

Have you ever played a slot game in your life? If you have, then you have played them all. The slot games are designed with absolute simplicity in mind, and practically everyone can learn how to play them in a manner of minutes. All you will need to do as a conscious act is to decide how big of a bet you’re willing to place in any given spin; and then you will need to press the spin button. Then the magic works its wonders, and you’re given a result of your spin. Now, as to the case of the Big Bad Wolf – this is a game that has the core that you usually find in other slot games, and plus some bonus features.

Learn the Symbols

If you wish to learn more about the symbols of the game, and how they are valued, then you will need to see the pay table which is readily available to you when you will play the game. But to keep things simple – the card number symbols are of lowest value, and the pigs’ symbols are of higher value. You will also have the opportunity to hit a wild symbol; which, as you know, is a substitute for any other symbol of the game, except for the bonus symbols. And the game itself features 25 pay lines – their number is unchangeable, and fixed.

big bad wolf free spinsBonus symbols and features

This is a game where there are a few bonus features set in place for the pleasure of the player. For one, you will get a moon symbol every once in a while on the reels. If you can hit three of them at the same time, then you will activate the bonus feature called blowing down the house. The name speaks for itself; and if you hit three moons then you will get 2 extra free spins. If you hit 6 moons, you will get 2 free spins as well, but you will also get a 2x multiplier on your winnings. There’s also the scatter symbol in the form of the wolf. Hit three of them and you will get a handsome bonus reward in the form of 10 free spins.

Last words on the Big Bad Wolf slot

By now you should have a pretty clear picture on what this game is all about. You can try it out and see whether you like it for yourself – we think that you will positively adore it.