Big Bot Crew

For the nerd in every online gambler comes the Big Bot Crew slot machine. It’s made up of a slew of what can only be described as offbeat robots that are a geek’s dream come true. The title character, Big Bot, is meant to be a humanoid and easily holds all the power in the game. Though its creator, Quickspin, is not the biggest or oldest gaming company in the industry it is one that is known for releasing unique games and Big Bot Crew is no exception.

A Futuristic Theme

This game is all about the robots, built by the game’s geeks, Joaquin, Matsuo and Danielle. Big Bot is the latest robot created by the geeks and he kicks off the game by inviting players into the studio where he and his fellow robots were created. When he lowers the gate to the studio, players get a glimpse of the reels.

big bot crew slot review

Mechanical Symbols

The main and most important symbol in the game is, not surprisingly, Big Bot. He serves as both the wild symbol and becomes a stacked wild, making it extremely easy for players to win large amounts of money. For many players, however, the best part about the Big Bot wild is that he frequently awards players with free and re-spins.

While not as significant, the other symbols seen on the reels include various four gear wheels. There are also less experienced robots that don’t offer the same excitement Big Bot does, but represent the future of robot-kind. However, the three main robots (Danielle, Joaquin and Matsuo,) are considered premium symbols in the game.

Eye-catching arc reactors are the symbol that signifies the bonus for the game. These are symbols that players should be excited to see lined up on the reels, as they award eight free spins when this happens.

Bonus Feature

Once a player has won their eight free spins Big Bot makes his presence known on every reel. During free spins the Big Bot symbol is always nudged, which is a huge advantage for players. When the Big Bot is a fully stacked wild while a free spin is taking place, an extra free spin is automatically added to the bonus round. This can happen until players have received the maximum of 13 free spins of the reels. With fully stacked wilds that stay in place until all the free spins are completed, this bonus feature is an exhilarating aspect of the game.

Final Thoughts

Few other online slots, new or old, pack quite the punch that Big Bot Crew does in terms of excitement. Players are often on the edges of their seats in anticipation of receiving those valuable free spins. The anticipation of having the potential to win big is one that few players can likely resist. As a result, this game is already making a name for itself despite the fact that it was released towards the end of 2018. It likely has a bright future ahead.