Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Movies are really popular among people – and they always have been. So, it goes without saying that in order to spike up the popularity, slot game designers will feature a popular movie subplot on a particular game from time to time. Such is the case with the slot game called Creature from the Black Lagoon. If you’re a fan of old, classic movies; then you have definitely heard about this movie. And the game features the leading characters and the monster – so if you liked the movie, you will like this game as well.

Graphics and animations of Creature from the Black Lagoon slot

Again, since this game is about a movie from a long time ago; it tries to present to us that exact feeling of the olden days. You will be able to see a pretty scary intro video with the monster itself moving towards the camera and then taking a swing at you. And then you will be able to play the game. The colors of the graphics are a bit faded; as was the style and as were the technical capabilities back in the days. There is a beautiful music in the background which sets the scene up for the inevitable clash with the monster. Every time you make a winning combination on the reels, you will hear loud sounds and music, and sometimes you will hear original dialog from the movie, and the characters will speak out a few key lines.

Creature from the Black Lagoon slot

Symbols and their value

As is expected, you will have various symbols while playing the game, and they are all related to the movie. The symbols of lowest value are the knife, the bucket, and the binoculars, and the symbols of higher value are the characters of the movies themselves. The list culminates with the leading female character from the movie, Kay.

Sticky Wilds

This game features sticky wilds, meaning that if you get a wild symbol and if you make a winning combination with it, it will still hold its place during the next spin; so you can reuse it. It’s a neat little feature that slot game fans will love. There’s also the free spins symbol. Get three of them on the reels and you will get 10 free spins, get 4 of them and you’ll get 15 free spins, and finally, if you can get 5 of them you will get 20 free spins. Try to collect the target symbols so that you will get sticky wilds or additional free spins. The game itself features 20 pay lines, and their number is fixed. You play on 5 reels and 3 rows.

Final words on Creature from the Black Lagoon slot

While this is a slot game that’s not rife with new and exciting features – it still packs a powerful punch in the sense that it evokes an era of the old times; and especially with the subplot about the plight of the characters of the movie that have to face the monster of the Black Lagoon.