Football Champions Cup

Slot Review

There are all sorts of different slot games that you can play online. They all have different designs, themes, graphics, sounds and music. But even though they may seem very different from one another – the core of the slot games remains the same, and it revolves around pressing a spin button, and letting the reels do their magic. New symbols will come and replace the old ones, and if you’re lucky, you may make a winning combination. Rinse and repeat. If there is one game that gets us with the charm, a game that separates itself from the competition – it would have to be Football Champions Cup.

football champions cup

Theme of Football Champions Cup slot game

As you may have realized from the name of the game, the game is all about football. But you may make the mistake of thinking that this is American football – no, this is a game about European football, or soccer in the US. While this sports game is not as popular in the States, it’s hands down the most popular sport in Europe – and there is a big number of people that watch and play this sport even in the US. So, right at the outset of this game, you will be able to pick the flag of your nation.

The crowd will cheer

Of course, only the biggest football superpowers are available for picking, such as France, England and Italy. But this is not something that you would want to spend time on – it’s a purely symbolic choice. And then the game starts. The graphics are focused on the color green – as is the color of the pitch on the stadium. You will hear the crowds in the background – there is no music – and when you hit a winning combination, the crowds will roar as if you have scored a goal.

Symbols and bonus features

The symbols on the reels are all in the spirit of the game of football. You will have various emblems of the football equipment, such as the shoes and the shirt, the referee’s whistle, the gloves of the goalkeeper. Moreover, you will see symbols such as the cards king, queen and jack. These are of the lowest number. Finally, there are the bonus symbols.

football champions cupWild Feature

As is the case with most modern slot games, there is the so called wild symbol, which can take up the place of any other symbol that you may need in a game. There’s an overlay wild feature, which means that from time to time you will see certain wild symbols come on top of regular symbols, and take their place. There are scatter symbols which can give you free spins, and there are bonus symbols which will give you the opportunity to play a bonus game. In this bonus game, you will play a penalty shootout with a computer opponent. You will be able to get big prizes on this game.

Verdict on Football Champions Cup

If you’re a football fan – casual or avid – you will do well to try out playing the Football Champions Cup slot game. On top of being related to football – it’s a fun game to play in and of itself. Be sure to try it out and see for yourself!