Game of Thrones

Slot Review

Game of Thrones is a series that has garnered the reputation of being extremely exciting and fun to watch. As such, millions of people from all around the world watch this series, and it’s very popular. There is not a slot game based on this series, and it’s created by slot game designing giant Microgaming. There are many reasons why you will want to try out this game for yourself, and we’ll discuss some of them below.

game of thrones slot

Reasons to play Game of Thrones slot

The first, and most important reason why you would want to play this game; is because of the fact that it’s about Game of Thrones! Chances are that since you’re reading this article, you have also watched the series, and are curious to know what this game is all about. Fans of the series will recognize many elements that are of the series inside this game. For one; the music is phenomenal and it will make you feel like you’re in the Game of Thrones universe, battling things out for the iron throne. But all in all, this is a simple game as slot games go. Make your bets and spin the reels, and hope that you will make winning combinations.

Different symbols

There are different types of symbols – there are the classical card symbols, and the symbols of the Game of Thrones families – as well as special symbols. The graphics of the game are plain – though you will be able to even watch movies from the series itself. And the symbols are designed to keep in line with the Game of Thrones tradition.

Bonus features of Game of Thrones slot

First of all, there’s the gamble feature, which is not that often present in slot games. This feature is pretty simple, and you will be able to let the flip of the coin decide whether you will double on your winnings, or lose them altogether. You pick a side of the coin, and you hope for the best.

More Bonuses

Another bonus feature comes into play when you will hit three or more scatter symbols at once on the reels. Then you will be able to select one of the four families in Game of Thrones, and depending on what you pick, you will get a different free spin bonus with a different multiplier. It’s a great way for you to have fun while getting money, and getting in touch with the overall Game of Thrones spirit. By the way, there are incredible 243 ways in which you can win, which becomes sort of a standard with the slot games that are designed by Microgaming.

Game of Thrones slot summary

This is a game that most of the Game of Thrones fan people will like. Of course, some people will think that it’s a dumbed down version of the show – but for what it is, it’s a really fun game that you can enjoy playing for hours on end in order to relax for a while, and perhaps even make some money on the side.