Giovanni’s Gems

Slot Review

There are different kinds of slot games. Some are fast paced, some are slow. Some feature extensive visual features, some do not. What’s important for you is to find your personal preference; and opt out for the slot games that are in favor of your preference. Today we’ll talk about a game made by gaming company BetSoft – you may have heard about them as one of the greatest creators of online gambling games in the world nowadays. The game itself is called Giovanni’s Gems; and it’s a really exciting game that you ought to try out.

Giovanni’s Gems slot free spins

Core structure of Giovanni’s Gems slot

This game is really fast paced. It features a 7×7 grid, and a cascading reels feature. For those of you that don’t know – cascading reels mean that new symbols take the place of old symbols, without you needing to put in additional bets. So, the way this process goes in this game is through the blowing up of winning symbols. Every win will make an explosion; which will leave empty places where the exploding symbols have been, and in turn, new symbols will take their place promptly.

Double up

This feature along has the potential to bring you huge winning streaks where you will make a lot of coins that you can then cash out at your discretion. And to make things even better – you can pick if you like to gamble all your winnings or not. You have the potential to double them up with the flip of a card – the choice between black or red. Of course; some of you won’t like this feature as it adds an additional layer of temptation – but most of you will welcome it as a nice bonus.

giovannis gems slotSymbols and bonuses

Giovanni’s Gems has quite a few different symbols in play. There are the high value symbols; the medium value symbols, and the low value symbols – feel free to check the pay table for more information on which is which. An interesting feature comes in the form of the symbol of coal – if this symbol is adjacent to a winning symbol, then it will turn into a diamond; which is the symbol of the highest value in this game. If you can get 5 symbols of the main character Giovanny, then you will get free spins.

Free Spins

The number of these free spins depends in how many Giovanny symbols you manage to string together. Moreover, you will get bonus coins from the Giovanny symbols, and again, the number of the bonus coins that you will get in this way is directly dependent on the number of Giovanni symbols that you manage to draw on the grid.

Verdict on Giovanni’s Gems

Giovanni’s Gems is a really fast paced game that has the potential to bring you huge winnings. You can try it out for yourself. Of course, it doesn’t feature a lot of exciting visuals – but this will be welcome for many gamblers that are getting sick of watching “cinematic masterpieces”; when all they wish to do is to play a slot game and relax.