Planet Of The Apes

NetEnt does not disappoint with the release of the online slot machine game based on the Planet of the Apes movies. Released in 2017, the game was created in response to the popularity of the Planet of the Apes movies released between 2010 and 2017, specifically, Rise of and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This is not the first slot machine game that the company has created based on a movie franchise, but it is among the best. The introductory video that sets players up for the game does a beautiful job of morphing clips from the movies with the game’s most exciting features. Once the game is launched, players will see that the graphics and symbols are also movie quality.

A Unique Layout

Though Planet of the Apes is a 20 pay line, five reel slot the gameplay aspect makes it completely different than most other slots. Since the game is based on the two movies mentioned above, one half of the reels feature Rise and the other half features the Dawn, with symbols from both movies on the respective sides of the screen.

Theme-Appropriate Symbols

Sharing the reels are apes and human characters from both movies. Sometimes the bonus symbols on both sides of the reels will match up, helping players win money. Lucky players will get stacked wilds on the side of the screen occupied by Dawn and when this happens, the equivalent stacked wild appears on the Rise side of the reels.

Planet Of The Apes slot review

The Best Bonuses on the Planet

The scatter symbol on the Rise side is different than the scatter symbol on the Dawn side. Scatters get players cash prizes anytime at least three of them appear on the reels within one spin. Different scatter symbol sets reward players with different rounds of bonus free spins.

On the Rise side of the screen, players can get 10 free spins. While these free spins are being played, the game keeps track of how many wild symbols land on the reels. When players reach their last free spins, the reels will be filled with the same number of wild symbols. On the Dawn side of the screen, players can get 15 spins for free. During those free spins, players may get more free spins, wild symbols and even added multipliers that increase their winnings. To learn more about bonus spins, go to, a site that specializes in this. There you are able to find the best casinos and games for getting a big number of bonus spins.

Aside from these exciting bonuses, the game also offers the bonus Dual Feature, though it can only randomly be triggered. The feature involves an icon chosen for a player. The chosen icon is then added to the reels on whatever side it pertains to. However, if that same icon makes an appearance on the opposite side of the reels more often than not it leads to a winning combination for players.

Final Thoughts

Though the game may be a bit confusing to players who haven’t seen the movies it is based on, Planet of the Apes is out-of-the-box enough that it may not matter. It stands out from others.