Slotfather 2

Slotfather 2 Review

Slot games are incredibly fun to play. And perhaps the biggest reason for this is the fact that they are incredibly simple to understand by anyone that gets in contact with them. The core formula is as following – you pick your favorite slot game, as there are many of them, you place your bets, and finally you hit the spin button so that you get a new combination of symbols, which can either win you some money, or not. Depending on your personal tastes and preferences, you will like different slot games. We recommend that you should try out the game Slotfather 2.

slotfather 2 slot

Slotfather 2 slot – the basics

By now you ought to have realized that Slotfather is in fact a name derived from the classical book and movie called Godfather. The Godfather centers on the story on an Italian-American family that’s deep into criminal activities – and nowadays there’s a big hype surrounding the mafia. So, if you’re the type of person that enjoys seeing and watching stuff about the mafia, you will love this game. The graphics are pretty simple, but Betsoft has managed to create a great theme to the tune of the mafia. At every point in the game, you will be able to see a gangster wielding a Tommy gun, and this gangster will respond to how the game goes by cheering along with your wins. Also, there’s a pretty good mafia-themed tune that goes in the background, and it really helps to cement your feeling that you’re really dealing with the mafia here.

slotfather 2 slotSymbols and bonus features in Slotfather 2 slot

Slotfather 2 slot has various symbols and features that you can enjoy while playing. And they are all to the tune of the mafia theme. There are meat cleaver symbols, tower of Pisa symbols, symbols of cigars on a glass of scotch, and bundles of cash symbols. There’s also a wild symbol combing in the form of a treasure chest, and you will be able to replace all other symbols of the game with this particular symbol. The bonus features come into play when you get three or more scatter symbols on the reels at the same time – then you will get extra spins.

Get some Gangster Symbols

There’s also a game where you will be able to pick envelopes with cash, until you pick out the single envelope that says “collect”. Then you collect all that cash and return to the main game. The way to activate this bonus game is through getting three gangster symbols of the same kind on the pay reels. There’s a double up game where you can gamble your winnings. You can either lose all your money, or double up on them – you’ll decide the result with the toss of a coin. Finally, after the free spins that you will get as a reward for three or more scatters, you will get a Big Boss bonus of a fee of money that will be added to your account.

Should you play Slotfather 2?

We think that you will like this game, as it’s really fun to play. There are several features that will draw your attention, and you will be able to spend hours on end playing this game without feeling even the slightest hint of boredom.