Slot Review

There are many, many different slot games that are available for play in the online casinos. Literally thousands of them. But if you’re seeking real quality, then you should look for the games designed by NetEnt, one of the biggest slot game designing companies on the market. One such game is the game called Starburst – if you’re a fan of online slots, and if you have played them frequently, then you should be no stranger to Starburst, as this is a really popular game we’re talking about. Below you will find some more information on this game.

starburst slotGraphics at Starburst slot

Every slot game has its own theme when it comes to the design, the symbols, the music and the sounds. Starburst is no different in this regard, and it features the space theme design. The music is also to the tune of the theme, so if you find that you’re fascinated by space, and you like slot games – you will definitely love Starburst. There are a couple of different symbols operating on the reels – the various diamonds, the “7” symbol, and the “bar” symbol. These symbols have different values, and the symbol of the biggest value is the “bar” symbol.

Special symbols at Starburst

There’s also a special symbol at the Starburst slot, and it comes in the form of a star. It’s the wild symbol. Whenever you have the luck to strike a wild symbol in one of the combination, the entire reel will turn into a wild symbol – which can then be used in order to make combinations with the other symbols.

The Wild replaces any other symbol in the game

For those of you that don’t know – the wild symbol is used to replace any other symbol in the game when you need it for a winning combination. The best thing about the wild symbol in this game is that it triggers a free spin. You can get up to 3 free spins in this way, and the wild symbols can show up on the second, third and fourth reel.

Pay lines at Starburst

There is a grand total of 10 pay lines at the game Starburst. The work in both ways, meaning that you can make combinations from right to left, and from left to right. You can see the pay lines in the “more info” section of the game – where you can also see some more information on the pay table and other useful tidbits regarding this game.

starburst slot

In conclusion

The Starburst slot game is one of the fan favorites for a reason. Of course, not all people will feel enchanted by the space theme, but if you find that you like space themed music and symbols and atmosphere, then you will like this game, and you will feel at home with it. You can easily find this game in some of the bigger online casinos – we suggest that you give it a try. With a return to player of no less than 96.1%, this is a game that you definitely won’t like to miss out on.