Special symbols at slot games

If you have ever played the slot games, then you know by now what the deal is all about. You know that you need to put in some money into the machine or account at the online casinos where you play, and then spin the wheel in order to get the machine to do its job. As simple as that. And you can immediately get access to a list of the symbols of the game, and what do they mean.

Different games have different symbols typically, in the sense that some games will have fruits, some games will have rock stars, some games will have superheroes – if you can think of anything, then chances are that it’s a symbol in a slot game somewhere. But in many of the slot games, you will typically find two unique symbols. These are known as the scatter symbol, and the wild symbol.

Explaining the difference: wild symbols vs. scatter symbols

What do these two terms mean, scatter and wild? We’ll take the wild symbols first. Many slot game creators have created what’s now known as the wild symbol. Given time, it took on very high popularity among the gambling population, so it goes without saying that its use has spread around the rest of the slot games like fire. What’s it all about? Well, it’s simply – a wild symbol can take the place of any other symbol in order to make a combination winning. It can be used as whatever you need on a particular pay line in order to get paid.

Now, the scatter symbol is another animal altogether, even though the basic premise is the same – a few slot game designers have introduced the so-called scatter into a few of their games, and the popularity of this symbol spread like fire. The scatter symbol is typically one that will help you get to a bonus game. And this is why this symbol is so popular – if you can get to bonus games on a slot game then it means that you will get free spins where you are practically guaranteed to win some money. In a typical scenario, the more symbols you manage to hit, the bigger the bonus reward that you will get, coming in the form of free spins or something else. In any case, you’ll want to see more of this symbol in any given game where it’s present.

slot symbols wild scatter

Finding games in online casinos with scatter and wild symbols

So, what you need to be aware of is that most slot games nowadays feature the wild and scatter symbols, to make things fun for you. You can practically find any legit online casino and make an account there, and find some of the slot games in order to get a firsthand experience with the scatter symbols and the wild symbols. By now you know what they’re all about, so be sure to try and have some fun with playing games that feature these two important symbols.