History of Go Board Game 2018

The board game GO originated in China about 3000 years ago. Confucius has mentioned about this in his Analects. There was a close connection between nature, strategy and intelligence, politics and economics. It lost its prominence in China where it originated. So let’s delve into the history of the go-the board game.

Japan the new centre of Go

The board game Go had come to Japan via the Korean peninsula route. It got developed in this country around the mid-17th century. This was loved by the warlords who ruled Japan who was taught by Honinbo School Snasa from 1559-1623. And a go academy was established here. He was also anointed the head of the go academy. Under his guidance the game became popular, and Japan got many great players who had super Go skills. This game also gained prominence even in the Meiji period which was the beginning of the modern era in Japan. Westerners who visited Japan during this period got to know about this game go and enjoyed playing it too.

Introduction to Europe and America

On return, the Europeans and Americans carried back many souvenirs and along with these was the board game Go. It got a big boost in these countries in the early 20th century. In the year 1938 a Go championship tournament was held, and till today this remains one of the most prominent matches of this game in Europe. In America, it was found that it was the Chinese settlers or visitors who were the ones who were the most interested in the game. Today also the popularity of the game is still found to be among different communities here, and such tournaments are still held in many places.

go board game 2018

Development in Asia 2018

Go is known as Baduk in Korea. It entered from China here before it came to Japan, but it did not get much patronised or popular. Only in the 20th again it gained prominence and people started playing this game for entertainment so much so that a few tournaments were also held. Many players of this game were developed here too. Today it is prevalent here. It was invented in China and was known as Wei Qi. Again at this time that is the early 20th century this game yet got introduced in China. And today China is considered among one of the top countries where go is a favourite game. UK New Casino Sites 2018 is very popular in Europe. We always like to follow the development of UK Casino Sites 2018 and the guides at https://casinoviking.com/new-casino/ is an excellent option for this.

Go in the present day

At the international level the first world amateur go championship was held in 1979 in Tokyo. At that time about 15 countries participated. By 1982 the popularity grew to other countries, and the members increased to 29. At this time an international Go federation got established too. Today it has grown to 70 members and is slated to become. Like many more games that are played on board, this game has got its digital version. The younger generation usually get introduced to such board games digitally and then on delving profound they find these board games were the source of entertainment centuries ago. They then find it interesting to know the history of such games and here we go we have the history of Go the board game that was enjoyed not centuries ago but millennium ago.